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SCT's students help raise funding to support our programs and services. Our “SCT Stars” are students who have raised more than $1,000 in their time with Syracuse Children’s Theatre. Funding helps support the nonprofit’s operations as well as provide scholarships to students with economic need.

Zac Fletcher
Sara Bernstein
Sofie Benderski
Megan Tiso
Taryn Hall
Michael Stapleton
Sophia Frontale
Nicholas Vozzo
Mary Nickson
Shannon Stoddard
Rachel Zoanetti
Kiersten Kennedy
Lauren Stapleton
Lisa Podulka
Madison Grolling
Marrisa Mclean
Casey Whyland
Aaron Alexander
Maya Heimes
Nicholas Courgi
Erin Houghtaling
Garrit Peck
Hannah Pegg
Elizabeth Bishop
Erin Whyland
Emma Northrup
Alexis Cotter
Monica Chetwin
Joanne Daloisio
Hannah Stevenson
Jacqueline Wladis
Chloe Leibrick
Chloe Tiso
Danielle Nash
Cara Adelson
Briget Frontale
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