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Special Education

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Syracuse Children’s Theatre (SCT) prides itself on having an inclusive environment. 

All students of differing abilities, race, religion, gender identity, or family financial status are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Syracuse Children's Theatre's classes and performances. Syracuse Children's Theatre's teaching facility is fully wheelchair accessible and by Summer 2023, the outside Summer activity area will also be completely accessible.
Over the years, we have successfully served students with the following differing abilities:
-Autism Spectrum Disorder
-Hearing and sight impairment
-Down Syndrome
-Emotional Disability

Syracuse Children's Theatre provides an up to 1 on 1 Student Success Specialist to provide the necessary support to students, in order to give them the opportunity to be highly successful in classes and productions.

The expansion of the Education Director position to full-time, as well as the subsequent part-time Student Success Specialist position are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council Initiative and the Central New York Community Foundation.  

Syracuse Children's Theatre provides full tuition scholarships to approximately 7% of our student population with financial need through funds provided by The Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation, Syracuse Sounds of Music, and through SCT Operation Budget self-funding.


Moving forward, SCT hopes to attract a larger population of students from all abilities and dedicate the time to ensure they grow, learn, and have enjoyable experiences as participants in our classes and productions.

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