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Along with the online registration form, please fill out a medical authorization form for minors and send via mail to SCT or email to If not completed before class starts, please bring to SCT on the first day of class.


A new medical authorization form is needed per semester at SCT.


As a not-for-profit organization, Syracuse Children’s Theatre aims to provide classes at a rate that is affordable for families in Central New York. In order to assist students with financial need, we offer 1/2 and full scholarships to offset the cost of tuition.


If you are applying for a scholarship, please fill out and return the form above along with your most recent tax return, and then complete the online registration form by clicking the link below.

**Scholarships cover tuition only. Costumes, tickets, etc. are not included in scholarships awarded.


To learn more about scholarship opportunities, please contact

Todd Ellis, SCT Executive Director, at

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