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Class Descriptions

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ages 5-7, 8-11, 8+

Classical Ballet is the foundation of concert dance. Although it began in Italy, Ballet
flourished in the courts of Louis XIV. Studying classical ballet takes dedication, repetition,
memorization, commitment, determination, and a desire to succeed. Training in Ballet develops
body awareness and understanding of alignment while developing strength, flexibility, body
awareness, poise and confidence. Once strength and proper alignment of the body have been
achieved through continuous study, dancers advance to pointe work. Dancers must be
physically,technically and mentally ready. Students must be enrolled in at least three (3) Ballet
classes per week.


Ages 8+

Become a triple threat!!

Learning Broadway style dance movements and gestures.

Musical Theatre dance is used to further accentuate the story and express emotion through the different movements.


ages 8-11 and 12+

A popular, expressive dance style fusing several dance genres i.e. Hip Hop,
Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap which may be layered with gymnastics or acrobatics.

May be done to a myriad of music styles.


ages 8+

African American urban social dances or street dance combined with a fusion of
dance genres which is choreographed and staged for Broadway and the commercial world i.e.
commercials, industrials and music videos.


ages 8-11 and 12+

Jazz dance and music paralleled each other. Jazz is innovative, improvisational,
polyrhythmic, and encourages personal expression while learning the technique. From
beginner to professional, Jazz dancers are expected to bring something to the table. Show us
your personality. Jazz has a definite technique and terminology. Students will learn isolations,
rhythms, body alignment, flexibility, and performance skills with combinations.


ages 8-11

Tap dance is making rhythms with the feet rooted in African dance. Hearing, seeing,
absorbing, creating and executing the rhythms are skills enhanced through studying Tap.

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